Lucy’s World


Drea­ming is one thing, doing some­thing dif­fe­rent. Why it is worth to trans­cend bor­ders — which some­ti­mes only exist in one’s head! 

Why pigeons love cho­co­late

There is a little pigeon out­side my win­dow. In order to dis­tin­guish it from all the other pigeons in the world I will call it Lucy.

Lucy has a pro­blem many other pigeons share. Ever­yone tells her that she has to like worms. All her friends say:

“Worms are the best thing to eat, full of nut­ri­tion, of good pro­te­ins. Ever­yone likes worms! If you don’t like worms you are not a pigeon. Then we don’t play with you any­more!”

But Lucy hates worms! This weird fee­ling, as if she is eating a jel­ly­fish. And she is even more hungry after­wards!
Every now and then Lucy sneaks out to have some cho­co­late. She feels hor­ri­bly guilty after­wards, but she can’t help it. This fee­ling of mel­ting sugar in her mouth…Sometimes even some cara­mel would be there, in tiny little bites.

But she is a pigeon! She has to like worms, not cho­co­late!
One day, Lucy wakes up with a bad hun­ger for cho­co­late. She has dreamt of a land with rivers of white cho­co­late, with foun­tains of hot cho­co­late, with houses built of dark cho­co­late. Lucy thinks what to do.

And she deci­des: If this is my dream, I will not care about the other pigeons. I will go and have cho­co­late every time I feel like it. Right now I will eat a big cho­co­late muf­fin. And ever­yone can see!
One month later, Lucy is the world’s only pigeon-owner of a cho­co­late shop. And she is making good money! Because there are many more pigeons that don’t like worms and love cho­co­late. Last week even an owl pas­sed by and bought twenty cho­co­late bars.
What we are today, we are because of oppor­tu­nities we used. We took risks, though we did not know where they would lead us. We did things we thought no one would under­stand. This goes for us indi­vi­du­ally; as it goes for the socie­ties we live in. Mea­ning: If we avoid taking decisi­ons we will eit­her stay where we are or go to a place someone else wants us to be – but not because we chose so. I’ll have some cho­co­late now.