Lucy’s world #2

Let go!

Divi­sion of labour is a good thing — this is, what also Lucy has to learn. Do what you can do best. And do it with joy!

Lucy’s world #2

Work-life balance in pigeonish

Since some mon­ths, Lucy has now been run­ning her busi­ness suc­cess­fully. It has grown, and Lucy is sel­ling her cho­co­la­tes both in her shop and online. Lucy is enjoy­ing doing some­thing she really loves. But at the same time also a lot of admi­nis­tra­tive bur­dens have for­ced her to work long hours. She had to deve­lop new skills, and to do things she never did before: Find new per­son­nel, learn how to be a good boss, think about mar­ke­ting and bran­ding, and coope­rate with a sports shop run by a mole. Lucy is sure that she is doing the right thing. But some­ti­mes she feels so tired. Her hus­band is disap­poin­ted as some­ti­mes she doesn’t manage to be at home during the wee­kend. And the plan of bree­ding some baby pigeons has been post­po­ned till next year. 

Lucy won­ders: Is that it? Is that the price for living her dream? Does she have to sacri­fice her wish to have a family in order to be able to run the busi­ness she wants? She hasn’t had lunch over the past weeks, living only from the cho­co­late always at dis­po­sal in her shop. Some­ti­mes she even felt the desire for eating a worm…

Stop the wheel…

Some days later it is enough. Lucy had a fight with her hus­band, the cho­co­late Eas­ter bunny in the win­dow has com­ple­tely mel­ted in the first sun of the year, and the online shop was hacked. Lucy deci­des to take a rest, and to spend a wee­kend alone at the sea­side. She has always loved the sea, and the view of the force­ful water has given her a hum­ble sense of free­dom. Lucy is gra­te­ful for her wings: Like this at least she doesn’t have to worry about boo­king an online ticket for the train. 

Already as she starts her jour­ney she noti­ces how her mind beco­mes clea­rer. The wind blowing in her face, some rain­drops, then finally: The sea and sun. Lucy is relie­ved. There it is! This fee­ling when she first tur­ned the key off her new shop! This fee­ling of being the mas­ter of her own fate. And sud­denly Lucy rea­li­zes: Wha­te­ver she does, it is her decision. She needs to set prio­ri­ties and decide what really mat­ters to her. And it means sharing respon­si­bi­li­ties: She is not alone. There are many people wan­ting to help. 

…and breathe!

Lucy spends a peace­ful wee­kend at the sea­side. She sleeps a lot, and eats well. She feels how her energy comes back, and that she really wants to have a nice din­ner next week with her hus­band. She is not a fan of admi­nis­tra­tive work, and it is a pain to her to fill in forms. So what about out­sour­cing this to the old owl? She will speak to her when she is back. Lucy feels that she is star­ting to make plans. She needs to do some sports, and her employees also work too hard. So she will open a little later, as her cus­to­mers any­ways only start com­ing in the after­noon. Full of energy, Lucy flies back. Other pigeons are not smar­ter, just bet­ter orga­ni­zed. She will manage to live how she wants, with the right prio­ri­ties –any by sharing responsibilities. 

Some weeks later, Lucy has found her rhythm. She does sports every morning, and then she goes to work. The owl does all the admi­nis­tra­tion, and she loves it. Being a granny, now she is also fee­ling nee­ded again in her old job as a book­kee­per. In exchange, she gets a cho­co­late flat­rate. Like this, Lucy can go home every evening at six, and has enough time to spend with her hus­band. The online shop is run by a new employee who loves web­de­sign, and it is attrac­ting more and more cus­to­mers. And once every mon­ths Lucy gets on her wings and flies to the sea. She then just gazes at the sea and enjoys life. The life she has deci­ded to live. 

By the way, here the arti­cle to a really inspi­ring arti­cle Lucy has read during her time at the sea: (21.04.2017).

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