Do something positive!!

Do something that matters!

Yes, there is a pro­blem with popu­list par­ties and governments in Europe. Yes, this is frus­tra­ting. But it is not in popu­list hands to con­trol the agenda. Ins­tead of com­p­lai­ning about what we can­not change, we should take a look at what we can do.

Now Italy. Hea­ring the news of the old federa­list nation turn its back against what I believe to be Europe, feels like a major shift. It’s gonna be tough loo­king at the big chal­len­ges in the Euro­pean Union. But how could this happen?

It’s hap­pe­ning, cause we let it hap­pen. Because we did­n’t give the people the belief that there are poli­ti­ci­ans that have an idea on where to go with Europe. That they find a widely shared ans­wer to their con­cerns, fears and everyday-questions.

But, come on, that’s not the end of the world. We are still in a posi­tion to change things. The Euro has become nor­ma­lity. So has the great advan­tage of cros­sing bor­ders almost without noti­cing. But there is space bet­ween dif­fi­cult to under­stand and in th eco­m­ing years pro­bably dif­fi­cult to handle reforms such as like that of the Eco­no­mic and Mone­tary Union.

Hence, let’s turn away from the big reforms that are nee­ded, but dif­fi­cult to achieve. Not to aban­don them, but to focus on some­thing else, some­thing con­crete for the moment. On some­thing that mat­ters to the people. Three suggesions:

  • You lost your pass­port? Have the EU dele­ga­tion help. Espe­cially for small Mem­ber Sta­tes con­su­lar ser­vice would be a big help. When you go for holi­days to Morocco, you would no lon­ger need to look for the next Esto­nian embassy when you are Esto­nian citi­zen. You could just go to the EU repre­sen­ta­ti­ves pre­sent in most capi­tals of the world. No need to change trea­ties, you can all do it with the cur­rent tasks pro­vi­ded to the EU.


  • Have a real Euro­pean inter­rail ticket. This was a great pro­po­sal, pre­sen­ted a cou­ple of years ago. A ticket for young Euro­pean people to tra­vel Europe after having finis­hed school. Don’t kill it with bureau­cracy, but give a fixed num­ber out via a lot­tery every year.


  • Have the Mem­bers of Par­lia­ment and Com­mis­sio­ners tra­vel Euro Not to con­fe­rence venues with governments, but to the people. To town­halls, schools, uni­ver­si­ties, mar­ket­pla­ces. Have them talk about what makes Europe spe­cial to them. Not just ahead of the Euro­pean elec­tions, but because it’s part of th ejob descrip­tion to give Europe a face. Beacuse it’s fun to have a dia­lo­gue. Because it’s fun to lis­ten and learn what others hope for. To see what it is that mat­ters to the people, and to have a posi­tive, crea­tive agenda for Europe!

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